Return & Refund


At Mrida, we uphold transparency and make provisions to provide a seamless customer experience. This same code of ethics extends to all transactions and deliveries of our hand-crafted, original products.

From the moment you order a product from our website, we follow a strict and rigorous procedure in order to keep you informed about the status of your order delivery. We notify you about the (approximate) shipping period, from per-dispatch to delivery, on the description pages for all our products. Even after we deliver the product directly to your doorstep, the process doesn’t end there. We continue to help you with our 24x7 customer support, in case there is any unforeseen complication during, or after, the delivery of the said product.

To help you understand our processes, we have listed preset guidelines concerning the refund and return of our products. Mrida warrants that all courses of action specified in this policy statement will be stringently implemented and abides by. No return or refund will be entertained on the basis of arbitrary judgment.

1. Conditions for Return / Refund

Mrida accepts returns and initiates refunds if the situation fulfills one (or more) of the following criteria:

For Returns and Refunds: 

1.     The customer has received a damaged product.

2.     The customer has received a different product.

For Refunds Only:

1.     The customer has ordered and paid for the product, but the said product is lost during shipment.

Return/Refund Eligibility Time span:

1.     The customer must request for return/refund within 3 days of the delivery of the product. We will not entertain any return requests made after 72 hours of shipment.

2. Return and Refund Policy for Delivered products

We define the word “damaged product” as a product with a single or multiple tampered, disfigured, and/or broken component(s), observed promptly upon unpackaging.

A “different product” may be interpreted as a product bearing a distinct difference from the one originally ordered, on the basis of form, structure, concept, or color.

In case a customer has received a damaged product, we advise them to follow the guidelines stated below:

1.    Send an email to with the subject line “Return Request- Damaged product”.

2.    State your name and invoice receipt number in the body of the email.

3.    Briefly describe the condition of the said product.

4.    Attach multiple authentic pictures or videos of the damaged product, along with relevant pictures of the cover package.

5.    Attach invoice(s) in a readable, PDF format. 

If the customer receives a product different from the one originally ordered, the same guidelines are applicable as mentioned above, with a slight change in the subject line: “Return Request- Different product Received”.

A follow-up email will be sent to the customer, confirming an order pick-up directly from the customer’s address. He/She must return the product, along with its original packaging, to the pickup service agent.

After satisfactory inspection, the order amount will be reimbursed to the customer’s bank account within 48 hours of receiving the product. Please take note that we will refund the order amount only. There will be no refund of the cost of shipping.

For Deliveries Outside India

For orders delivered to locations outside India, Mrida does not provide any return pickup service at the moment. If a customer wishes to return a product, damaged or otherwise, he/she has to physically visit, or send the product to, a location specified upon requesting a return.

Post-inspection, the order amount and the expense of return, if applicable, will be reimbursed to the customer’s bank account within 72 hours. However, we do not refund any order delivery charges. In the case of international orders, any customs duty levied on the packages upon reaching the destination country, is to be borne by the buyer.

For Customized products

A “customized product” may be described as an original product that is particularly designed for a specific customer, upon his/her request.

Please take note that we currently don’t accept return requests for customized products.

Policy for Shipping Charges

After the confirmation of an order from our website, the product along with the shipping charge will be billed under However, Mrida takes no part in the custom duty charges levied in accordance with the norms of the particular country. It falls upon the responsibility of the buyer to oblige to the said charges and protocols needed to collect their shipment.

The above statement is also applicable in cases of return requests.

3. Refund Policy for Lost Shipments

For Customers Residing in India

If an order is lost during the process of shipping it to the customer, we will notify the same to the said customer and refund the order amount after 1 month.

For Customers Residing Outside India

For international shipments, the waiting time period for refund will increase up to 2 months. All refunds for domestic and international deliveries will exclude the cost of shipping.

4. Cancellation Policy

Once a customer orders a product from our website, we do not allow any cancellation thereafter. However, an exception is entertained in case the customer accidentally makes a duplicate order, in which case, we may cancel the second of the two identical orders upon his/her request.