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little haven

I am Ananya, the artist and voice of Mrida, a sustainable art, craft and design studio. Mrida means "the Earth" in Sanskrit. Mrida is my soulchild. It is an expression of the philosophy I find iteratively in every element of our existence - the full circle of life.

The idea that we come from the earth and go back to it repeatedly through the span of our lifetime, inspires me to plant seeds of hope in my every day. This ideology has found itself to be one of my core sentiments in my work; whatever you take from Earth, you give back without harming it.

It is all about using natural materials to create beauty in small, sustainable and earth-friendly batches, and helping in saving the environment as much as possible. All my products are handmade using eco-friendly materials, including the packaging.

My hope is that you and I, can connect to something so pure via Mrida and take tiny steps together to nurture our creativity and nature every day.

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Our Collections

One-of-a-kind Collections

These exclusive collections have single pieces in each design. Each one of them is unique and handmade with extra love and labour. These collections give me the opportunity to explore and experiment with unique raw materials, various art and craft forms and more complex techniques in the art of bookbinding. Since each of these pieces take a long duration of time to conceptualize and create, they cannot be made in multiple numbers. Once sold out, they're not restocked again and hence, they remain one-of-a-kind to their owner.

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